The Frog looked up at the firefly

The Frog looked up at the firefly and said in a loud voice, little brother, you are great. Firefly heard, very moved and very strange. Firefly: we didn’t do anything! Frog way: how not to do, you put the lights On the buttocks, not according to their own future generations, is not great enough?

Mantis to marry spider

Mantis to marry spider. Mantis mother advised her: spider every day online, is not good. Mantis firmly said: he is a good man. Mantis mother ask: Why are you so sure? Mantis way: I secretly observed for a few days, he is to surf the Internet, not seduce lover

A male ant boast

A male ants brag: Lao Tzu who are not the best in all the land, my opponent At that moment, an elephant came over. The ant said: you are so powerful, to kill the elephant. The man looked at the elephant and said, “don’t kill him.”. The ant asked, “why don’t you kill him? Male… Read more A male ant boast