As a result,God left

An American,a French and a Chinese had been trapped in the desert when God came,and promised to fulfill three wishes for each of them.
The French said,”I want beauties.” God acquiesced.Then he said,”I want more beauties.”And God granted his request again.His last wish was to returned to France,and so he did.
The American said,”I want money.(US dollars)” This wish was granted.His next wish was again,more money.And so this wish was fulfilled.His final wish was to return to the United States.God complied.
The Chinese said,”I want an ER GUO TOU(food).” His second wish was the same as his first wish.His third wish was to let the French and the American return to the desert.And so it was fulfilled.
The three of the move on,and was in a difficult situation again.God appeared again,and allow each of them 2 more wishes.Having suffered due the the Chinese’s wish,the American and the French let him say his wish first.
So,the Chinese said,”I want ER GUO TOU.” Then he said to God,”Thank you,but you are probably tired from helping us all this while,please go back and rest.” As a result,God left.

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