same business

Xiao-ming is with the little red table, one day, Xiao Ming by the little red pen Little Red said, “same business” “You will death to lent me!” Then, Little Red said: “Oh, that lent you” When Xiao Ming, when the pen back to Little Red, Little Red is really dead.

School! Slow line!

Early morning eight ten points, schoolmates in the classroom on the class in English, Paul is pushing the gate to come in.  “Does Paul, why you early morning go to school every day all wants to be late?”Teacher asks, “when are you leave the family?”  “I am 7.3 quarters go out.” Paul replies.  “Your family… Read more School! Slow line!

Two Birds

Two Birds Teacher: Here are two birds, one is a swallow, the other is sparrow. Now who can tell us which is which? Student: I cannot point out but I know the answer. Teacher: Please tell us. Student: The swallow is beside the sparrow and the sparrow is beside the swallow.

who, when agitated or excited, the body parts which would grow ten-fold?

A beautiful female students in class was suddenly called up a professor of biological answer: who, when agitated or excited, the body parts which would grow ten-fold? “I … … I refuse to answer this question?” Girls and stammer a little bit of that shy away eyes followed the male students sits beside her, then… Read more who, when agitated or excited, the body parts which would grow ten-fold?

Can you speak Chinese?’

Teacher A was grading English essays when she suddenly blasted:”I’ve never seen such a bad essay!” Teacher B heard her and asked:”What’s it about?” Teacher A responded:”It’s about a prince and a princess.” “Not bad!” Teacher B commented. “At the beginning,he wrote’the prince asked the princess:’can you speak Chinese?’and the princess said yes.’ And the… Read more Can you speak Chinese?’

I eat fish head yesterday

A class to a new!!!!! One day, the teacher ask him: you DuoDa? Student: excuse me, the teacher ask me where DuoDa? Teacher: your age. Student: oh, excuse me the teacher is to want to know my last year’s age or this year’s age? Teacher: nonsense, affirmation is this year’s pull. Student: oh, excuse me,… Read more I eat fish head yesterday

why not go from school?

One wall climbing out of school, caught by the principal, the principal asked: why not go from school? Answer yue: beauty TeSiBangWei, don’t walk unusual way. The headmaster asked: such a high wall over the past how? He pointed to the pants to say: li ning, anything is possible. The headmaster asked again, over the… Read more why not go from school?