A man went to a fortune-teller

A man went to a fortune-teller,the fortune-teller touches his bones to predict his life,and said:you will be in love when you are 20,get married in 25,and have a son or daughter in 30,living with your family safe and sound,enjoying your twilight years afterwards,The man angrily:as a doctor,I am already thirty-five years old,no girlfriend yet. Lost… Read more A man went to a fortune-teller

joke about love

The man is dead Man: “what’s wrong with you?” Female:”…… It seems that you really do not understand me.” Man: “what’s wrong with you? What do you say?” Woman: “I thought you knew.” Man: “you have to tell me I know I do not understand ah.” Female: “do not understand people who will not understand,… Read more joke about love

Enduring humor: emotional men and women

After marriage, men and women are completely different, they hit his wife after marriage, his girlfriend before marriage —————————————————————————- Now there are a lot of women prefer not to marry, why? Because they found that they couldn’t buy a whole hog for a sausage. —————————————————————————- Why do women have a lot of time? Because the… Read more Enduring humor: emotional men and women

you can not care about the date?

A beautiful young girl to marry an old man, we are very sorry for her. A friend asked her: “how come you marry a frail old man?” She smiled and asked: “if someone gave you a cheque for $about one million, you can not care about the date?”

No! He’s following you

Wife suspected her husband was having an affair, she invited a private detective to track. Finally, the detective found out the truth, he said to her: “this afternoon, your husband went to a beauty salon, a fashion store, a ballroom.” “He must have a bad behavior……” She said, “No! He’s following you.” His answer.