what kind of person is an angel

angel Son: “Mom, what kind of person is an angel?” Mother: “a man who has wings and can fly in the sky is an angel.” Son: “it’s strange that my father said to Jeanne,” you are my angel. ” But Jeanne can’t fly!” Mother: “today I’ll tell her to fly away!”

Where problem

Where problem In the court, a couple complained to the judge about the marriage. His wife sobbed and said, “your honor, we have had a good time in the past two years, but then we have a baby.” The judge asked sympathetically, “is it a man or a woman?” “Of course it’s a woman,” said… Read more Where problem

review one’s friendship

A middle-aged couple are ready to sleep, suddenly found the building on fire, two people panic through the smoke filled the corridor running outside. At this time, the husband accidentally found his wife’s face hung in recent years have never had a sweet smile. “Oh my god! What time is it when you smile!” The… Read more review one’s friendship

Don’t get married

Don’t get married When Tom met his friend, Lutes, he was dejected and depressed. “Oh, my dear friend, what happened to you?” “For the marriage! Hey, you talk about, the man in the end when it is appropriate to marry it?” “Because of you, I have to tell you the truth: if you are still… Read more Don’t get married

Fickle wife

Fickle wife Mr. Smith died suddenly. His wife cried and said, “you didn’t even give me a souvenir. You left me!” She cried and said to the doctor, “please lend me a hammer. The doctor asked, “what are you going to do with your hammer, madam?” “I want a tooth for him.” “It’s best to… Read more Fickle wife

Husband in bed

Husband in bed This morning my husband in bed, with a quilt wrapped in several layers. I stretch waist with belt to tie him in the quilt, and then go to work. Back in the afternoon, saw the husband keeps morning shape, look sadly at me. He said: “hungry for a day is not the… Read more Husband in bed

Husband birthday

Husband birthday Wife never do housework. Husband’s birthday that night, his wife said to her husband, “today’s birthday, do not wash the dishes.” The husband happily kissed his wife and said: “great, thank you for your help!” Wife said: “neither fast nor slow for tomorrow and then wash it.”

High interest

High interest Husband: why do we have to give her $400 a year for your mother’s birthday? Wife: that’s right! My mother gave her “daughter” to you, 400 yuan per person per year interest! Husband: so my mother gave me this “two hundred and fifty” to you, and how much should also give my family… Read more High interest