The oldest profession

The oldest profession Surgeons, architects and lawyers three parties to start a heated debate: what is the oldest profession? Surgeons are of course the oldest profession. God is a surgeon, he made the eve of the eve of Adam’s rib, the ancestor of mankind is produced, what is more ancient than this?” The architect said:… Read more The oldest profession

I don’t think

I don’t think Once in a bunch of parties to meet by chance, said all lawyers ill. “No, I don’t think all lawyers are bad guys. Last year, my lawyer gave me $1000.” One woman said, “I am involved in a case of personal injury compensation. Attorney fees, expert fees, appeals for a total of… Read more I don’t think

How much do you want?

How much do you want? “How much is 2 plus 2?” Housewives, accountants and lawyers were asked to answer the same question. The housewife replied without hesitation: “4!” The accountant said: “equal to 3 or 4 is able to make sense, let me use the formula to count the numbers again. The lawyer asked, “how… Read more How much do you want?

Put in Pocket

put in Pocket One just admitted to the lawyer, excited immediately to the ordering gown of a lawyer. Well after trying it on, because he used to hand pockets, left insert right insert, oh! Why don’t you have a pocket? “Master, how do you have no pockets?” New lawyer anxiously asked. The master said: “neither… Read more Put in Pocket

Follow correct opinions

Follow correct opinions or well-intentioned advice like water flowing swiftly and smoothly downward Konya Dechy: “Mr. lawyer in court if I send a fat geese to the judge, with my name card, do you think will happen?” Attorney: “are you crazy? You’ll lose the lawsuit because of bribing a judge! The outcome of the trial… Read more Follow correct opinions

Not easy to get

Not easy to get “If you have the ability to put me in jail for half a year, you’ll get an extra $one thousand,” the defendant promised his defense lawyer.” Defendant’s wish. The lawyer said, “it’s a tough job, but the judges wanted to be acquitted.”

Advisory fees

Advisory fees A butcher met him on the road to find a lawyer. He asked, “if a dog steals something from someone else, does the dog’s owner lose money for his dog?” The lawyer replied, “that’s for sure.” Butcher: “your speech count?” Of course! I am a lawyer specializing in litigation, I have a legal… Read more Advisory fees

Finally understand

Finally understand Under the counsel of the lawyer, the defendant was acquitted. At the door of the court, the lawyer asked the defendant: “you have been released, we are about to break up. Now, please tell me the truth, do you really commit a crime?” The defendant replied, “Mr. lawyer, when I heard you speak… Read more Finally understand

Justice win

Justice win A lawyer who just won a major lawsuit immediately sent a telegram to his client.” The client immediately very urgently call: immediate appeal!”

two chairs

two chairs Daro, a lawyer, is a man of great humility, and he hates those who are hypocritical. Once, a haughty young visited him, Daro immediately took the chair seat to the young people fat, totally ignored, and proudly said: “Mr. Daro, I am the son of Senator Brand……” “Then,” Darrow smiled and said, “sit… Read more two chairs