joke 6 year old

Xiao Ming went to school, the students found his face swollen a large, asked him how to get. Xiao Ming said: “Yesterday my father and I went to the park rowing, there are only bees fall on my face. The students said: “Then you drive him away on the line?” ” Xiao Ming said: “I… Read more joke 6 year old

joke 5 year old

joke 5 year old Before the train, my mother told his son: “If the teller asked you the age, you say 5 years old. The teller really asked him how much he was, the little guy answered 5 years old. “It ‘s so big at the age of five,” the teller asked, “how long will… Read more joke 5 year old

Quit smoking

Quit smoking Mom: “The big chimney of this factory is really annoying, and it ‘s all right to smoke all day and choke me.” Little Red: “It’ s not important, I’ll take your father ‘s quit smoking.