Meat,potatoes and rice are lucky families.

“Hey guy!” “Ah~” “The potatoes come and where is the meat?” “In the bowl.” “Why can I eat some sand in my meal?” “The rice hasn’t been washed.” “Why does all the potatoes in the bowl turn out?” “Nobody except you know!” “Meat,potatoes and rice are lucky families.

joke about pizza

This is a learning sister said to me, he said his family liked to eat pizza, Taipei just had a pizza shop, advertised the phone ordering pizza, as long as 30 minutes to send home, if more than 30 minutes to send a discount of 100 yuan, learn sister family very fond of pizza, so… Read more joke about pizza

Woodcarving food

Woodcarving food Millionaire dinner, the table was full of fruit dishes. However, they are made of wood carving, color painted on the epidermis, variegated color. The guests said: Although the food is good, can not solve hunger. The rich man said: as long as the appearance looks good, see also see full.

Romantic food

Romantic food Eight year old Ding Ding and his mother go shopping, passing the shop, Ding Ding shouted to eat. The young lady is very enthusiastic to ask: what do you want? Ding Ding said: I eat ice cream, a synonym that ”. The waitress said: ‘a synonym’ sold out ‘romantic widowed husband’? There are… Read more Romantic food

Fake food situation

Fake food situation Someone asked, “I heard China oil without their own cooking oil, do not drink milk made of milk, do not eat Steamed Buns do Steamed Buns, milk powder to feed their children, this is not true?” Made oil stand up, immediately drank a mouthful of oil, said: “this oil, no problem.” So… Read more Fake food situation