the polar bear family

the polar bear family A little polar bear asked his mom a question little polar bear:”Mom,are you sure I am a polar bear?not a cola or a brown bear” Momy:”Yes you are,my boy.” and the little polar bear went to ask his dady little polar bear:”Dady,are you sure I am a polar bear?not a cola… Read more the polar bear family

the hedgehogs on the road

the hedgehogs on the road two hedgehog came to the road and they want to cross the road on the zebra crossing one of the hedgehog said:”Don’t do this!” another one asked:”Why not?” first one said:”You will know after you see the accedent that happened to the zebra”

Asking for help

Asking for help One day a police station get a call from a very nerves girl. “Sir!Help!Help!” “Miss,please calm down,what’s wrong?” “There is a cat coming in my room “oh,I think it’s not a big deal for a cat’s coming” “No,no this cat is very dengerous,the cat is dengerous” “Miss,the cat is really not dengerous”… Read more Asking for help

traffic accident

Xiao-ming in a traffic accident in the loss of a leg, Xiao-ming in a car accident and lost a leg, Small and medium-sized car accident tomorrow and again lost his leg to another, Small and medium-sized out in a traffic accident and lost his one leg, Xiao Ming is in fact a dog.

I want you!

we used to have only little, there are days he went out to play, the results of wolf met.said: “I want you!!!” Can you guess, how the? The results wolf they eat lamb.

The really cold!

There was a penguin and a polar bear playing with the penguins to a body to pull a hair down, after drawing on the polar bear said: “Too cold!”Polar bears listening to, but also to their own body a one hair to pull down turned and said: “The really cold!

I have not seen a moment ago!

Attracts the blood small bat to return to in the hole,on an upperbody all is the blood,everybody thought he has eaten thewestern-style food,unceasingly inquired,a small bat word does notanswer,the numerous people asked again,the small bat has beenbothersome,said:How wants to know a matter?The audiences answer:Thought!Good,then you come with me!Thereupon led the numerous batsto fly flies,flies in… Read more I have not seen a moment ago!