How is also dead?

Me and a friend to go after the sea Liu Wan,suddenly jumped out of a person holding a gun,facing my friend asked:1 +1 get a few?My friend said:too …get 2.Bang!!!”You know too much!”The next day I and another friend to go after the sea,a man holding a knife,rushed out,facing the friend said:under what circumstances the… Read more How is also dead?

Monkey picked up a card

IP card: Monkey picked up a card, it want to see what cards are on the climb branches point of view, when a lightning in it. Monkeys cried: the original IP card ah yes!

I am sorry five

The giraffe married monkeys,a year later the giraffe put forward a divorce:I never had the jumping of day!The monkey is great anger:from is from!Who saw kiss a mouth still have to climb a tree! There is a student who really loves learning English. Day and night, he never miss a single chance to speak English.… Read more I am sorry five