my toes green

A man goes to see the doctor say:”my toes green.” The doctor say:”you this is,the people have cancer resection of the big toes cut,and the next day he went to see the doctor,said:” my second toe is green,the doctor say:”you this is cancer,resection.” The man took the second toe is removed.Five toes were removed after,he… Read more my toes green

Pascal crying

A group of great scientists dodge arrested in heaven after death.Turn Aisi Tan arrest,he opened his eyes and count to 100 clear,that all hid,only Newton was still standing there.Einstein walked over,said:”Newton,I caught you.” Newton:”No,you did not catch Newton.” Einstein:”You are not Newton who you are?” Newton said:”You see my feet What is this?”Einstein looked down… Read more Pascal crying

Didn’t think,god cried

A south Korean man,a Japanese and a Chinese to saw god. South koreans asked god,”we Korea when can obtain the football World Cup winner?” God said:”50 years.” South Korean people cried:”woo ugghhhhh…I this lifetime is to see!” The Japanese also asked god,”we Japan when can World Cup win?” God said:”maybe 100 years!” The Japanese also… Read more Didn’t think,god cried

To have a new staff

To have a new staff,wrong number phone to him,general manager of office,he did not know,offended the general manager,general manager angrily question:Do you know who I am?I was general manager of the company! So the staff asked:Do you know who I am?Other answer do not know,”good.” Staff to hang up the phone.

The Hapless German Soldier

The Hapless German Soldier During the World War II,a Belgium troop encountered a German troop.They both were hiding so that they could not shoot each other.The Belgium captain said,”I’ve got an idea.German are all called Hans.We can just call their names and shoot them when they stand up.” The Belgium soilders followed the strategy and… Read more The Hapless German Soldier

in the end you think that socialism or capitalism good?

The first General Assembly of the Soviet Union,the host suddenly said:Please view,the socialist good comrades sit to the left of the venue,good comrades that capitalism sit at the right.Most people sit at the left side,right side of a small number of people to sit down,there is only one person sitting in the middle also inactive.Moderator:Comrade… Read more in the end you think that socialism or capitalism good?