A van for 14 people

A van for 14 people. Passengers a say: this is overloaded, you are taking it to a lot of points! The driver back calmly sneer at to: points, it must have a driver’s license! Passenger b ask: you also dare to drive a car without a license? The driver said: that’s ok, wine zhuang people,… Read more A van for 14 people

Goodbye grandpa,goodbye grandpa

One day,Mr Wang found his 5-year-old son XiaoMing a littel weird. When the night fell,the little boy was found to be at the window side,waving his hands while his mouth seemed murmuring. Quietly,he draws behind the little boy,only to hear “Goodbye grandpa,goodbye grandpa…” Looking out of the window,there was nobody there.In the following days,when time… Read more Goodbye grandpa,goodbye grandpa


incourage A coach pointed at goaly’s soccer net say to the goaly: “you have seen this net? The price may not be cheap, if you let the ball damage it, deducted money from yours wages compensates.”

last one

last one The Reporter asked last runs up to the end point athlete: ” you have run last, is very disappionted?” The athlete said excitedly: “how can you say disappionted? You had not seen they 7 are running because i’m tracing them, they are scared of me! ”

eating,sleeping,and beating up doudou

A journalist was interviewing 100 penguins what they did everyday.The first penguin said:”eating,sleeping,and beating up doudou.” The scond said the same thing.And the third,the fourth,all the way to the 99th said the same thing.But the 100th only said:”eating and sleeping”.The journalist asked why it didn’t beat up doudou.The 100th penguin said:”I am doudou myself.”

God has a bit hands

In the same month a pair of children born on the same day, an elderly couple living together for 35 years. Today, they put on a large banquet to celebrate their 60 birthday. During the feast, God came. Praised the old couple is truly God’s “loving couple”, and promised to give them each a wish.… Read more God has a bit hands

I’m undercover!

There are two counterfeiting of currency counterfeiting careless create counterfeit $ 15 face value, they decided to spend the remote mountainous areas. When they get a 15 yuan to buy a $ 1 candied fruit, they cry, they find two seven farmers of rice and dumplings … undercover war, rice relied on numerous, met with… Read more I’m undercover!

Someone just learning a foreign language

Someone just learning a foreign language,one day walk in the street,stepped on the foot of a foreigner,the man said quickly:” I’msorry.” foreigners also polite to say :”I’msorry too.” that person listens,hurriedly said:” I’msorry three.” foreigner listens foolish,ask:” What are you sorry for?” the man said:” I’msorry five