choked it, and choked it.

An elephant stepped on the ant nest, result all the ant climbed to an elephant’s body, elephant shook body, ants are shook down, only an ant grabbed her little elephant neck not to put, then on the ground the ants yell: choked it, and choked it.

I only am am swinging my head.

Holds a meeting when British Parliament, a congressman when speech saw in seat Churchill is shaking the head the expression not to agree. This congressman said that,“I remind everybody, I only am am expressing own opinion.” At this time Churchill stands said that,“I also remind meter gentleman to pay attention, I only am am swinging… Read more I only am am swinging my head.

Four mice are talking big

Four mice are talking big … A:My everyday candy is the mouse drug,don’t you know? B:Oh, I’ll itch if I don’t touch the mouse catcher for a single day! C:Well,I’d not feel realistic unless I’ve gone into the street for times every day. D:My friends,I’m sorry but it’s time to say goodbye now.You see,I must… Read more Four mice are talking big

Can you speak Chinese?’

Teacher A was grading English essays when she suddenly blasted:”I’ve never seen such a bad essay!” Teacher B heard her and asked:”What’s it about?” Teacher A responded:”It’s about a prince and a princess.” “Not bad!” Teacher B commented. “At the beginning,he wrote’the prince asked the princess:’can you speak Chinese?’and the princess said yes.’ And the… Read more Can you speak Chinese?’

My God!too long!I am so boring!

Long ago,there was a silly son-in-law.One day,his father-in-law was coming to visit him,and his father was leaving,but worrying about him,so,his father taught him: if your father-in-law ask you:”how are these cattle and horse well taken care?they are pretty good” you will answer:”don’t (why) care about the beast”,if he ask you:”who is managing your family business?”… Read more My God!too long!I am so boring!