you can not care about the date?

A beautiful young girl to marry an old man, we are very sorry for her. A friend asked her: “how come you marry a frail old man?” She smiled and asked: “if someone gave you a cheque for $about one million, you can not care about the date?”

No! He’s following you

Wife suspected her husband was having an affair, she invited a private detective to track. Finally, the detective found out the truth, he said to her: “this afternoon, your husband went to a beauty salon, a fashion store, a ballroom.” “He must have a bad behavior……” She said, “No! He’s following you.” His answer.

don’t take my friends away

one day to play cards, and always go home in the middle of the night. At one point, his wife said to him, “I warn you, if you do, I’ll take the man home to sleep!” “Whatever you do! But I’m warning you, don’t take my friends away.

Boys want to do

Boys want to do A young man drinks in a bar, Suddenly a beautiful girl, She clings to the man. The young man asked, “sister, what are you doing?” Girl: do you guys want to do ah” Youth: “Yo, sister, do not see ah, so quiet will play DOTA?