so,don’t u wanna marry me?

a boy asked his girlfriend:so,don’t u wanna marry me? girl:yes,my fiance must be very brave and especially intelligence. boy:i guess you might have forgotten it’s me who save you from the water. girl:indeed you’re very courageous,but it doesn’t mean that you :are smart . boy:but do you know who turned the ship upsidedown?

What did you all do?

Sheriff Wang by the boss question,they has been seized a robber,but the robber committed suicide.“Why has he committed suicide?”The boss asked.“Did not know.” Sheriff replied.“What did you all do?”The boss asked.“I only watched a video recording to him.” “What records?” “Chinese male foot competition artistic collection”

As a result,God left

An American,a French and a Chinese had been trapped in the desert when God came,and promised to fulfill three wishes for each of them. The French said,”I want beauties.” God acquiesced.Then he said,”I want more beauties.”And God granted his request again.His last wish was to returned to France,and so he did. The American said,”I want… Read more As a result,God left

Uncle,I am a peanut

One day,a few children at the zoo with throwing peanuts to the animals,the administrator met,bring them into the office.Administrators pointed to a little girl asked:”What’s your name?Just done a bad thing?” The little girl said:”My name is Flower,I just keep the peanuts thrown into the gorilla enclosure.” Administrators pointed to a The little boy asked:”What’s… Read more Uncle,I am a peanut

What is one plus one?

A camping groud is recruiting new soldiers.A is the first to have an interview.The interviewer asked:”What is one plus one?” A answered:”3.” “That’s wrong.” “5.” “That’s wrong!” “7!” “That’s not right,either.You can go now!” said the interviewer,writing on the notebook:Uneducated,but can act according to circumstances.Recruited! B entered and the interviewer asked him:” What is one… Read more What is one plus one?